CV - Hanush Trögler

Soft interior aircraft worker  (Upholster) 

Nationality:      Czech 
Date of birth:   24.12. 1969
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Mobile:            +420 777 69 44 36            


Field of study: Upholsterer. Skilled like Upholsterer in Prague ended by Final state examination in 09/1984-12/1987 After training period I worked at “parent company” until 12/1990After leaving parent co. I worked in many upholstery shops in Prague 1990-1997 Since 1997 till 2017 I worked in CSA (Czech airlines) where I worked like a Soft interior worker After leaving CSA started in Germania Airlines (červenê přidat odkaz na hodnocení z Germánie Since leaving Germania  I worked in Prague like a freelance like housekeeping up till now Fundamental aircraft working experiences are gained in CSA and Germania Work in CSA (Czech airlines)

Field of experiences within upholstery work in CSA airlines:  I have been working in CSA  airlines since end of the 1997. From the 1999, CSA obtained licence on Overhauling aircrafts  from Boeing plus later Airbus companies. Since that I gained a lot of experiences of „aircraft maintenance in within Interior fuselage work“. The main scope of work of mine, are revisions/checks C, IL and D checks on heavy maintenance/interiors of airplanes such as Galley NTF floor covering Which includes uninstaling of Old mat, cutting new NTF/Lino and installing. Or, if custumers wish only repairs in the entry areas. Pax Carpet covering, which includes uninstaling Old carpets, cutting (possibly edging of carpets) new carpets, then installing. Galley / Lavatory Etc. walls covering with decorativ tedlar. Work with Leather (armchairs of Boing pilots chair, ATR leather parts, Airbus armchairs)   and other „soft“ parts of interior – repair, modifications in Boeing 737, Airbus A319, A320, A321 a 310 and ATR 42/72.   Door Linings in entry areas, cargo. Repairing and Sealing of Rubber parts.  Repairing of Cargo nets.  Repairing, fabrication of InsulationsPadrests, Pedals, antriskid tapes etc.  Sewing on sewing machine, repairs of covers to Pilots compartment. Sewing of covers, engines, wheels etc.

During my career in CSA , since 1999 I have been maintenancing aircraft of flying companies like –  Germania, Air Berlin, Lufthansa Technik, Hapag Lloyd Flug, Transavia Airlines, Marsk, SAS, Finair, etc. Also Government aircraft was sevral times maintananced.  

English:  In 09/93 – 06/94  Attended an intensive course of General English in The Bell School in Prague / Intermediate. 
Norwegian /Norsk/:   Selvstudium  
Deutsch:     Selbslerner/autodidakt 

Additional Skills: Windows – word,  Outlook.AMOS – Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering System –  Swiss aviation software 
Activities: 3d Archery,  MTB / Cycling, Walking, Photography
Little bit of me: I dare to say that I am hardworking worker and I always keep trying to work accurately with a sense for detail 
My Prefered coutries: Switzerland Austria, Germany, Norway, England